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Tumbler Block

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I have begun to make a tumbler block quilt for someone special.  The tumbler block size is 6” and I am sewing a row of 16 tumblers together.  So far I have 3 rows completed.  I plan to make this quilt 18 rows in length so I have 15 more rows to go.  These tumbler blocks are super easy to sew together.

I decided to use the fabric collection Beautiful Blossom – Passion by Deborah Edwards of Northcott to make this quilt.  The flowers in this fabric look so beautiful and feminine.  The black flower and leafy fabrics really help to pop out the other softer flower patterns.

We can cut these 6” tumbler shapes from your fabric or we can cut these lovely tumbler shapes from your choice of our selection of beautiful fabrics.  We also have a 3” tumbler block available if you like to sew smaller pieces together.

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Rainforest Cafe Quilt Top


I just finished adding the borders to this quilt top for my daughter. She loves anything animal print and it just so happens that it works perfect with this quilt tops name. I just love the purples, greens and blues in the quilt but more important my daughter loves it too. This is one of the quilts that I had pulled out of the closet that I had been working on last year.  I remember that I had just finished making the quilt blocks and took them next door to show my sister as I was so excited.  I had designed this quilt myself although I am sure this pattern has been designed many times before.  She asked me if I had a name for it, I knew that it was rainforest or jungle something?  She suggested the name Rainforest Café but it just did not feel right because I did not know where the café would come into it.  So I took my blocks home and put them on the table and made myself a cup of coffee that I also put on the table.  Big mistake, you know what happened …my coffee ended up all over the quilt blocks.  I rushed to wash them right away and began laughing out loud… I guess this quilt decided its name would be Rainforest Café!

We cut precut quilting shapes from our fabric for your quilting projects. Check out our website by clicking on the quilt top picture.  Choose your fabric from the fabric selection page and record the fabric item number so you can add it to the precut shape selection page when placing your order.  Click on the shapes to see what sizes are available. If you prefer you may also call in your order.  We also have a cutting service if you prefer to have your own fabric cut.

Applique Pillow Case

Today I was cutting some applique, I was using a pillow case on my ironing board when I had this bright idea to dress up the pillowcase a little.  I had wanted to try the heavier no sew Heat & Bond to see how it worked.  So I made this pillow case for a teenage girl who loves lions, hmm she was born in August the sign of Leo!  I think it turned out great and she will be very happy when she sees it.  Now I just want to see how it holds up once it is washed.  You can purchase these applique shapes on my Website just click on the pillowcase to get there.

We use Lite Heat & Bond but if you would like to have a no sew Heat & Bond added to your applique order please request it by telephone or email.  This was such an easy project and any child would love to have their pillowcase personalized.

Drunkard’s Path

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I am a new quilter and only began this hobby last year. I come from a long line of quilters so it really just seems natural that I would be bitten by the bug sooner or later.   I had completed one quilt and had started working on three other quilts that I had tucked away when I began to set up my new business.  I began to feel that overwhelming urge to start quilting again so I pulled the Drunkard’s Path blocks out of the closet. I had started this project and convinced my daughter then 15 to work on this quilt together. So she made close to half of these blocks. I had pinned the blocks for sewing and decided there must be an easier way and I pulled out the fabric glue stick. Wow I could not believe how easy it was to sew the curved pieces together. My daughter had no trouble at all. The blocks are 14” finished and we had made 20 of them.  I added 2” finished brown sashing’s. They really make this quilt top pop. Now I just need to add the border.

I used fabric from my own stash for this quilt but I cut it with the Drunkard’s Path die. You can purchase Drunkard’s Path precut pieces on my website or you can have your own fabric cut using our Cutting Service.

Click on the picture to get to Drunkard’s Path precut block on my website. Choose your fabric from the Fabric Selection Page remember to write down the fabric item numbers so you can enter your fabric choices in the precuts page. Prices very according to fabrics chosen.

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