Rainforest Cafe Quilt Top


I just finished adding the borders to this quilt top for my daughter. She loves anything animal print and it just so happens that it works perfect with this quilt tops name. I just love the purples, greens and blues in the quilt but more important my daughter loves it too. This is one of the quilts that I had pulled out of the closet that I had been working on last year.  I remember that I had just finished making the quilt blocks and took them next door to show my sister as I was so excited.  I had designed this quilt myself although I am sure this pattern has been designed many times before.  She asked me if I had a name for it, I knew that it was rainforest or jungle something?  She suggested the name Rainforest Café but it just did not feel right because I did not know where the café would come into it.  So I took my blocks home and put them on the table and made myself a cup of coffee that I also put on the table.  Big mistake, you know what happened …my coffee ended up all over the quilt blocks.  I rushed to wash them right away and began laughing out loud… I guess this quilt decided its name would be Rainforest Café!

We cut precut quilting shapes from our fabric for your quilting projects. Check out our website by clicking on the quilt top picture.  Choose your fabric from the fabric selection page and record the fabric item number so you can add it to the precut shape selection page when placing your order.  Click on the shapes to see what sizes are available. If you prefer you may also call in your order.  We also have a cutting service if you prefer to have your own fabric cut.

2 thoughts on “Rainforest Cafe Quilt Top

  1. Hmm! The backing is going to be the same animal print so purple is out, so is blue and green! Whats left? White? Maybe I will ask my daughter and see what she thinks.

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