Sarah Vedeler – Heather Feather #1

This beautiful applique shape will dress up your quilt, cushion or any item you want to give a look of elegance to.   This simple design is made from 12 pieces of fabric and is about 11” x 8 1/2”.  With heat and bond you just peel and iron it on to your project then sew around the edges.  By request we can add a non sewing heat and bond to the backing for those who enjoy crafts but not the sewing.  This item is custom ordered by email or by telephone. Heather Feather #1

Click on the picture for more details about Heather Feather #1 applique/or embroidery shapes available on my website.


One thought on “Sarah Vedeler – Heather Feather #1

  1. “Sarah Vedeler – Heather Feather #1 Quilting and
    Applique Shop” ended up being a delightful post, can not wait to read far more of ur blog posts.
    Time to spend numerous time on-line lol.
    Thanks ,Guadalupe

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