Tumbler Block

Watch for our “BIG DEAL of the month” starting on December 1st until the 31st. 

I have begun to make a tumbler block quilt for someone special.  The tumbler block size is 6” and I am sewing a row of 16 tumblers together.  So far I have 3 rows completed.  I plan to make this quilt 18 rows in length so I have 15 more rows to go.  These tumbler blocks are super easy to sew together.

I decided to use the fabric collection Beautiful Blossom – Passion by Deborah Edwards of Northcott to make this quilt.  The flowers in this fabric look so beautiful and feminine.  The black flower and leafy fabrics really help to pop out the other softer flower patterns.

We can cut these 6” tumbler shapes from your fabric or we can cut these lovely tumbler shapes from your choice of our selection of beautiful fabrics.  We also have a 3” tumbler block available if you like to sew smaller pieces together.

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